Protecting Your Belongings During A Move

Moving can be stressful and challenging when you have several rooms to pack up and transport. During the process, it can be easy for certain items to become lost or damaged. There are a few ways that you can protect the items to ensure that they arrive safely at your new home.

Select Evaluation Coverage

There are many options when it comes to your evaluation coverage, which includes full-value protection or released value. Full-value protection will allow you to have the item replaced or repaired by the mover if a product is lost or breaks during the move. The moving company will also give you the option of a cash settlement. A less comprehensive liability is available for free but offers a minimal amount of coverage and states that the mover is only responsible for 60 cents per pound per article. If you know that your items are worth more than 60 cents per pound, you may want to get full-value protection.

Pack the Boxes Correctly

Pack new boxes that are appropriate for the items that you’re packing to ensure that they keep everything secure. Research how to pack specific items or hire professional movers to do the work for you. Heavier items should be packed in smaller boxes to ensure that they’re easier to lift. Pack glass plates vertically to prevent them from getting crushed once they’re loaded into the moving van and use wardrobe boxes for clothing.

Notify the Mover of High-Value Articles

You’ll need to put everything in writing to inform your mover about any items that have an extraordinary value. If the movers aren’t aware of furniture or products that have a high value, then they won’t be as responsible if the item is damaged or stolen while moving. The proper coverage that should also be communicated in writing. You can also procure storage in Las Vegas to keep valuable items in a secure place during the move, which can offer peace of mind.