Where to Store Everything While Waiting to Move In

When making a long-distance move to a new city like Las Vegas sometimes things will happen that are out of your control and for which you hadn’t prepared. For instance, what happens if all your belongings arrive before you’re ready to have the movers bring them into your new home? Ideally, everything would be timed perfectly to avoid problems like this, but sometimes things come up.

Maybe the exterminator is taking longer than expected to finish fumigating your new house, yet the movers are ready to bring all your stuff over. Or maybe there was a problem that delayed the title transfer, and you can’t get the keys and start moving in until a week later than anticipated. Whatever the case it is frustrating not being able to move in when you’d like.

These things happen occasionally. So, what happens to all your stuff in the meantime? Here are two ways you can store your belongings while waiting to move in.

Have Moving Company Store It Until Move-In Date

If you need storage in Las Vegas for just a few days or weeks, your moving company might be able to accommodate you, even on short notice. Some of the larger companies have massive warehouses that come complete with climate-control, fire alarms, burglar alarms and 24/7 video surveillance. If you haven’t moved yet, then you should double-check with your moving company beforehand to make sure that emergency situations like this won’t be a problem and leave you and your property stranded without any real options.

Move Everything into a Public Storage Facility

If the movers have no options for storing all your boxes and furniture on short notice, then you might be forced to have everything delivered to a public storage facility first. Then you’d have the additional expense the extra delivery trips to and from the storage facility. This could quickly turn into a big, expensive mess, and it is obviously not an ideal situation. But if you chose to go with a smaller or cheaper moving company with no backup plan, then it might be the only option you have. You could also look for any Garages for Sale near your new home and use that to store belongings. Once you’ve moved into your new home, you would still have the garage to keep as a storage solution or you could turn it into something else, like a workshop, office or home cinema.

Many families moving to Vegas will need to use public storage anyway, since they have more property than their new home can reasonably accommodate. If this is the case for you and everything has already been arranged, then you’re all set. You’ll likely have the movers make two separate deliveries – one to your new house or apartment and the other to the storage location. If you’ve take the time up front to properly label all your moving boxes and have given instructions to the movers, then this shouldn’t be very difficult.