Three Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Fragile Items for Moving

Moving day can be a very stressful day for everybody. One of the most common things people get stressed out about is protecting their fragile items. This article will lay out three different ways to ensure your fragile items come through the move unscathed. First, you should separate them from the rest of your items. Secondly, you should pack them properly. Thirdly, you should notify the professional movers of your fragile items. To learn more, read on.

Separate Fragile Items

The most obvious thing you should do to protect the fragile items you have when you’re moving is to separate them. When you are ready to begin packing, take out everything breakable and put it in a separate area than the non-breakable items. Make sure that you separate everything that has a chance of breaking during the move. Also, be careful not to mix up your fragile items in your non-fragile items.

Pack Them Properly

The next thing you have to do is to pack your fragile items properly. This process will differ somewhat depending on what the item actually is. It is a good idea to give each fragile item its own box, and to use a great deal of newspaper or bubble wrap around the item to keep it safe. Either newspaper or bubble wrap can be effective. You should simply use whichever one you have on hand. Whatever you use, make sure you use a lot of it.

Let the Movers Know

While most people tend to follow the first two tips late on this article, many people forget to let their Las Vegas moving company know about their fragile items. It is necessary if the movers are to treat the boxes of fragile items more carefully. Also, the movers may have a designated area within their moving van that they put fragile items in. Notifying your movers about any fragile items can increase the chances of these items not getting broken during the move. If you follow this tip and the ones before, you will have reduced the chances of breaking fragile items by as much as possible.