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Moving Box Guide – What’s Used for What

An office move is a major project that requires careful planning. It can affect the company’s brand, budget, and productivity levels. However, business owners must not allow moving to interfere with daily operations. It is time to contact office movers in Las Vegas to help with your relocation. Read on to find out how having the right moving box sizes can make packing less complicated.

Choose Medium for One of Your Moving Box Sizes

You will need a variety of boxes for an office move. It is a good rule of thumb to have medium-size boxes on hand. A medium box for heavy items can hold various items, such as books, DVDs, speakers, and important documents. When buying boxes for moving, it helps to know how much cubic feet of space the container can hold.

The Standard Sizes

When planning an office move, it is essential to have various boxes and packing supplies on hand. During your move, a box protects your property while it’s being transported to different locations. They also come in standard sizes, such as small, medium, large, and extra-large.

Custom Fit

Most items in your office should fit in a standard-size box. However, some items may require a unique fit. If you have an item that requires a custom box, then talk to your moving company about your options.

For example, there are office boxes made specifically for transporting important files. Office boxes are made with double walls, are easy to assemble, and can handle a heavy load. The right box size depends on the weight, dimensions, and shape of the item being packed.

Commerial Storage

If you want to store your boxes prior to moving, Capitol North American operates a storage and distribution facility providing both state of the art household goods and commercial storage services along with a distribution center handling product ranging from medical equipment to new home furnishings, and we do this for thousands of customers, including Department of Defense soldiers and airmen, corporate America, and individuals storing their household possessions. Request a quote from our Las Vegas movers today.

Updated 2/18/21