Young family in the process of eco-friendly move

Top Tips for an Eco-Friendly Move

The moving process entails a lot of materials, including boxes and packing supplies. There is also a lot of waste. Just think about what you do with all those boxes and supplies! You, most likely, just end up throwing them away. On top of that, the actual move itself can take several trips and might include a large moving truck, which uses up a lot of fossil fuels. If you want to lessen your environmental footprint and have an eco-friendly move, you can follow the below tips.

Green Packing Supplies

The first way that you can plan an eco-friendly move is to use green packing supplies and boxes. If you already have bins or reusable boxes, use those instead of going out and buying cardboard boxes or plastic bins. Plus, you can use these containers for storage in your new place. You can also use the materials you have on hand for packing. For example, instead of going out and buying bubble warp, you can use the towels or bedding that you already have for cushioning.

Additionally, if you do need boxes, look for those that are made from recycled materials. You can even find a company who sells flawed boxes or ask your friends and families for their old boxes.


Another green way to move is skip the part where just throw out all the things that you won’t be taking with you. Having a garage sale or even creating a donate pile will keep your old stuff out of the landfill.

Hire Green Movers

A great way to really have an eco-friendly move is by hiring green movers. There are several ways commercial moving in Las Vegas can help you offset the environmental impact of moving. For example, a green moving company will utilize trucks that run on biodiesel fuels, which are better for the environment than regular gas. Using a moving company can also help you reduce the number of trips you take back and forth from your old house to your new one. Usually, green movers will efficiently pack their truck so that you don’t ever have to return to pick up a random box or two.