How to Conserve Space When Storing Items for Your Business

When you’re loading the contents of your office space into a center for commercial storage in Las Vegas, you’ll want to make the most of your storage unit. Instead of haphazardly stuffing things in just to get it done, it pays to make a plan and pack the unit in an organized manner. These tips will help you conserve space when storing items for your business. Following these tips will also help to prevent items from getting damaged or falling down because of improper stacking techniques.

Invert Chairs and Furniture

Whenever possible, invert chairs and office furniture. For example, if you bought a large number of chairs, you would definitely save space if you put one office chair with its legs on the floor of the storage unit. Stack the next office chair upside down, or inverted, on top of the first chair. If you have folding or stacking chairs that will nest onto each other, arrange them in stacks as tall as you can manage. Remember, the items will be taken out at some point, so do not make the stacks taller than you can easily reach.

Fill Containers to Capacity

Fill containers to capacity. Choose smaller containers for heavy items such as reference books. If you’re trying to pack similar items in one container, and there is extra space, try to fill the space with packing materials. Bubble wrap or sealed bags of air will help prevent contents from shifting to one side of the container while in transit and storage.

Stack Boxes Properly

Put the largest and heaviest items on the bottom of the stacks. If you mostly have office furniture and only some boxes, make a row of tables and stack boxes on top of them. Put the heaviest boxes on the surface of the tables. Stack the rest of the boxes upwards, using lighter boxes with each new layer.