Germ-Free Storage Tips

Moving your items into self-storage means taking steps to protect yourself, your employees, your customers, and movers from illness. As office movers in Las Vegas with experience in moving items into storage, here are some tips for keeping your items germ-free.

Keep Yourself Germ-Free

• Don’t ignore the cold/flu/pandemic, be proactive.
• Wear a mask and gloves while packing to be careful of cross-contamination.
• Educate yourself on how easily cross-contamination can occur. There are some excellent videos on YouTube from medical personnel that illustrate how easily this happens.

Keep Surfaces Germ-Free

• Wipe down everything going into boxes.
• Seal the boxes and then wipe them down as well.
• In fact, take disinfecting wipes with you everywhere you go, making sure to dispose of used wipes and gloves in the trash – NOT in a parking lot, etc.
• Use disinfecting wipes on everything you touch – your phone, door handles, faucets, telephone handsets, locks, drinking fountains, elevator keypads, EVERYTHING.
• To make it easier to dispose of the used wipes, attach a small garbage bag to a utility belt and stuff them in there until you get to a larger trash can.
• Disinfect any area where people can leave their germs behind.
• If you use the restroom at a storage facility, wipe everything down first, you don’t know who was in there before you.

Take Precautions If You’re Already Ill

• Wash your hands often and put a bottle of hand sanitizer and disinfecting wipes in your storage unit itself for when you go in to pick up items.
• Don’t box up anything if you’re sick.
• If you think one of your employees or the movers is sick, send them away.
• There is no such thing as being too careful.

Doing all of these things can’t guarantee that you won’t become ill, but they go a long way towards a germ-free storage experience. Protect yourself and others with these helpful tips.