Safety Tips for Moving Tropical Fish

When moving from one place to another, there are certainly more than enough things to keep you busy. However, priorities change when you have pets to think about during the move. One of the most difficult to move are tropical fish. Thus, the following includes a few safety tips regarding the moving of tropical fish.

Don’t Expect Your Tropical Fish to Be Moved by Movers

If you think that a moving service will transport your tropical fish, think again. Not only are they not equipped with the right experience for it, but they also might not be obligated to move pets. There are certainly moving companies in Las Vegas that can be hired to do this job, but it is not something a typical moving company will do.


In order to make sure that everything is ready for the big day, you must conduct tank prep work at least six days before the actual move. This can be accomplished by making sure you are replacing at least 20 percent of the tank water each and every day leading up to the move. Doing this will provide you with clear and clean water when you begin o bag them for transportation.

Safety Precautions

Although tropical fish are very tough animals, they will only last one or two days in bag conditions. This is due to a lack of oxygen and the accumulation of waste in the water bag. So, what can you do to overcome this issue? The first thing is to practice a few safety precautions. This includes not placing your fish in either the back of a moving truck or within a hot interior. If you are expecting to drive for more than two days, you might want to consider placing your fish into a Styrofoam cup and placing a battery-operated aerator in order for the fish to have sufficient oxygen to last the long drive.