Moving can be stressful and difficult, add being disabled to that, and it can be straight impossible at times. The following includes some important tips on how to unpack while moving into a wheelchair-accessible home.

Unpacking in a Wheelchair-Accessible Home

Speak to anyone, and they will tell you that moving is a downright chore of an event. Not only do you have to worry about your items but also about the moving company, utility transfer, and much more. This exhausting process becomes even more difficult when you are disabled and thus need a wheelchair to get around. One of the most difficult times arises not during the move, but after when you are ready to unpack. Therefore, the following includes a few tips and tricks to unpacking within a wheelchair-accessible home.

Communicate With Your Moving Company

Possibly the best thing you can do for yourself and everyone involved is to communicate with your moving company. There are plenty of home and office movers in Las Vegas that will have no trouble accommodating the recommendations and needs of a customer. However, you should also be clear about how exactly you want your items to be stored. For example, a mover will put dishes on the top shelves as that is where they commonly go. This, of course, may not be the most ideal place for you to store your dishes and thus the reason why communication is key.

Create an Overnight Bag Before Moving Into Your Wheelchair-Accessible Home

The reality of the matter is that even if you do have movers helping you out with unpacking, you will have certain items that you may want to unpack yourself, such as personal items, medicine, etc. This can take some time, and thus it is highly recommended to creates an overnight bag for yourself. This should include the essentials such as charging cords for your devices or wheelchair if its electric, medicine, extra clothes, and anything else you deem essential. Before anything, this should be the very first thing you take onto your vehicle, and the first thing you should unpack when you get to your new home.