How to Inform Customers That Your Business Is Relocating

When you hire professionals that offer commercial moving in Las Vegas, you will arrange a specific date for your business move. Once you have that date set in stone, it is important to inform your clients and customers about your impending relocation. You may want to use multiple methods of notification in order to ensure that they get the message. Here are three ways to inform your customers that your business is relocating.

In-Store Flyers

In-store flyers or coupons are a good way to inform your customers about your upcoming move. The coupons or flyers could have a discount for their first purchase at your new location. This could be a limited-time offer for the first week or month at the new place. You could also offer a discount or free item for their first visit. You could also send the coupons through email or text to your customers who prefer digital interactions.

Magnets and Calendars

A magnet is another good way to remind customers of your moving date and new location. You can have these printed and mail them or hand them to your customers. A calendar is another good reminder. The closing date of your current location and the opening date of your new location could be highlighted on the calendar.

Postcards, Text and Email

Some people like a physical item to hold in their hands. You could print postcards in order to alert customers about your move. This is similar to what a person would do when they move to a new home. A free way to alert people about your relocation is to send a text or an email. You may want to do all of these. Be aware that too many messages could annoy your customers, so space the emails or texts a few days apart for convenience.