How to Stay Organized When Moving Offices

Whether your business is expanding or you’re downsizing your team, it may be time to relocate to a new office. Moving offices can be a different process than moving homes and will require staying organized to avoid chaos or complications while managing your team. If you want to learn how to stay organized while moving offices, there are a few main tips to follow.

Sort and Purge

Sorting and purging the entire office is necessary to avoid packing and transporting unnecessary items that your team hasn’t used recently. Create a sorting system that allows like items to be grouped to ensure everything is easy to find once it’s unpacked in the new building. Create a box of items that may need to be taken home. You can also color code the boxes for different areas of the office. When labeling everything, include general information on the labels, which can include your name, department and the new office.

Hire Professionals

Many business owners or managers make the mistake of asking their employees to help with the moving process to save money, which can cause the team to fall behind on projects and feel overwhelmed when their work schedule is interrupted. Employees who lift heavy office furniture or boxes can also become injured during the process, which can become a worker’s comp issue and cost you more in the long run. Instead, hire office movers in Las Vegas to avoid complications that can make the moving process complicated and unorganized. The movers can provide all of the supplies and load the moving van efficiently. They also have the experience necessary to make it an easy process.

Take Inventory

Taking inventory of everything that is transported is necessary to ensure it’s easy to find once it arrives at the new office. Write down a list of items that are packed in different boxes. You can write down everything by hand, but if you’re moving a larger office, then you can rely on software or a digital spreadsheet to make everything easy to update.