Moving to a New Home on a Rainy Day

When it comes to moving to a new home, the weather conditions are an important factor to consider that can affect the day. For many people, it can become challenging if it starts to rain or a storm arrives on your moving day. If you get stuck in the rain as you’re in the middle of relocating, there are a few important tips to follow to protect your personal belongings and avoid getting drenched.

Use Stretch Wrap to Protect Your Belongings

It can be easy for your personal belongings to become wet or damaged as you move everything into the truck when loading up the boxes and furniture. Consider using stretch wrap or covers to protect valuable items like electronics or wood furniture to reduce the risk of damage that can occur. Mattress covers will also need to be used to prevent moisture from damaging the fabric. Keeping everything sealed will protect it in the moments where it’s transported outdoors and into the moving truck.

Shorten Distances

You’ll need to be strategic about how you plan to pack everything into the moving truck on a rainy day. Shorten the distance that the moving boxes and furniture need to be transported outdoors once you exit your home to prevent the items from getting wet. Consider placing everything in the garage and backing the moving truck up to make it an easier process and protect your belongings. You may also need to use tarps to cover certain pathways to ensure that you don’t get rained on during the moving process.

Work Around the Weather

If possible, work around the weather when it comes to loading the van with the help of a Las Vegas moving company. You may need to load plastic items, clothing, or metal products in first when the rain is heavy. Once the rain lets up, you can then pack wood furniture items or electronics as quickly as possible.