How to Reduce the Risk of Damage to Office Furniture

When it comes to moving offices, the office furniture that is being transported is often large and heavy. Unfortunately, damage can often occur if the right steps aren’t taken during the process. If you want to reduce the risk of damage to the office furniture, there are a few main steps to follow.

Use Padding and Blankets

Furniture items are prone to becoming scratched, chipped, and broken when they’re moved. It’s important to use padding and blankets as a barrier from walls or other items that they may have contact with as everything is transported. Bubble wrap and plastic sheeting will also prove to be useful on smaller pieces that are delicate. Plastic sofa covers can also be used for lobby furniture or upholstered items. Dismantling some of the furniture in advance will also make it easier to transport and can prevent it from damage.

Have a Placement Plan

The placement of each furniture item in the moving truck will determine how secure it is as it’s relocated to the new office. Start by creating a wall of boxes on the back end of the truck with boxes that are all the same size. The boxes should be heavy and shouldn’t contain fragile objects. Square furniture can then be moved in while adding blankets and padding between everything for extra cushioning. Upholstered items can then be loaded into the truck with the use of ropes to secure everything.

Hire Professionals

When you’re moving to a new office, it can be easy to rely on your employees to do all of the heavy lifting on the moving day. Unfortunately, you may be putting them at risk of injuries and damage can also occur due to a lack of experience. Consider hiring professionals who perform commercial moving Las Vegas for peace of mind knowing that experts will handle all of your valuable items.