How to Ensure Data Security During a Commercial Move

Most businesses have some confidential data. Yours might include payment account information, Social Security numbers or employee medical records. When you are working with professionals for commercial moving in Las Vegas, you can include the handling of confidential data in the planning and service agreement for your move. These tips will also help you maintain control over the hard copy files and electronic files while your office is in the process of relocating.

Encrypt the Electronic Data

If your data is not already encrypted, take the time to do this before your office relocates. Even if a laptop or hard drive is misplaced, the data will not be accessible to anyone who does not have the encryption key. Encryption of confidential data is a good means of protecting it on an everyday basis. Consider using two-factor authentication for all logins on your network at least during the time of the move.

Use Locking Cabinets

For hard copies of data that you have stored in cabinets, keep the cabinets locked. If possible, use more than one type of lock on the cabinet. Instruct the movers to contact you immediately if a drawer in the cabinets somehow opens. Be sure to number the file cabinets in order to keep track of how many there are and where they are.

Use Specialty Boxes and Sealing Materials

If you are planning a full-service move, consider having the movers use specialty boxes and sealing materials that indicate if they have been tampered with. These products are similar to the tamper-resistant and tamper-proof materials used for packaging food and medications. You might also consider watching the boxes get loaded onto and off the moving truck. Doing this can give you peace of mind knowing that your data and files secure.