Tips for Moving a Collection of Historical Books and Papers

Many people have a personal collection of historical family papers, work-related documents from decades ago and books that may be of historical, occupational, cultural or personal significance. When moving, it is important to know where these things can be donated. For the things you are taking with you to your new home, properly protecting them is also important. Working with an experienced Las Vegas moving company ensures that your fragile papers and books will arrive at your new place safely.

Check for Pests

Before packing organic materials such as books, check them for pests. Silverfish, earwigs, bed bugs and other pests may hide in the binding and pages of books, especially if those books have not been opened in a while. You would not want to transport the pests to your next place. If you find any pests in the books, consider tossing them into the trash.

Check for Mold and Water Damage

Books and papers that have been in storage may have mold or water damage. This is often the case if the books were stored in cardboard boxes. Check for discoloration, fuzzy growths, mildew odors or dampness on the pages. Mold spores easily come loose, so you may want to wear a face mask if you suspect that any of your books or papers have mold damage.

Handle With Care

If you have books or papers that are very old, handle them with care when packing. Wear clean cotton gloves when handling these items. The gloves prevent the transfer of dirt and oil from your hands. Avoid stacking things onto papers that are brittle. Consider wrapping such items in layers of acid-free tissue paper. If a book’s binding is weak or damaged, do not stack anything on top of it in boxes.