Moving Long Distance in the Winter: What To Consider

Packing up your home and moving into another has a lot of moving parts. Pun intended. Adding to that list a move across the country and the average person is bound to get overwhelmed. You won’t know where to start. And for argument’s sake, let’s add another aspect: wintertime.

Now you’ve reached the trifecta of stress. Don’t panic. It’s not as bad as it sounds. Reading our quick guide can give you a leg up. If you’re moving long distance in the winter here’s what to consider.

Pack Accordingly

Preparing to move in the winter means getting a head start on everything, especially the packing. However, don’t make the mistake of packing away your warmest clothes. Autumn is chilly but not nearly as cold as winter and people often make the mistake of packing away their thick coats and other essential winter gear when preparing to move.

Load up all your summer and spring clothes. Leave a small pile of winter clothes out and open the rest of the containers for the day after the move. Do laundry that week leading up to the move, so you don’t travel with dirty clothes.

Mind the Weather

The snow and freezing temperatures can put a damper on your plans. Be mindful of the weather leading up to the move and during the move. Consider getting your new home situated before arriving. Here’s a list to keep in mind:

  • Turn on the utilities to avoid moving into a freezing home.
  • Clear out the snow and ice to make a safe pathway for yourself and the movers.
  • Consider laying a tarp down on the floors to avoid tracking sludge and snow through your home.

Some conditions are not suitable for moving and you should not force anything. If a blizzard happens that day or the temperatures are below freezing, start looking for alternative days to move. Try to remain as flexible as possible.

Expect Delays

Allow for extra time on moving day. During the winter months, you can expect delays. Bad weather makes everyone a nervous driver. Additionally, winter usually implies the holiday season.

There might be a lot of people out that day, so prepare for traffic via vehicle and foot. If you need to visit a store to collect your toiletries or food, expect a slight hold-up at the local grocery stores.

Hire Professionals

A long-distance move may require an extra pair of hands. That means you’ll need a cross-country moving company who are experts at the task. In other words, you’ll need us: Capitol North American. We know exactly how to transport your belongings safely, no matter the season.

Professionals are mindful of the weather, and they know of a few moving hacks to apply during the process to make it easier. Your attention might need to be on other things during the move. You can leave the heavy lifting to the professionals, literally.

Consider all this before moving long-distance in the winter. More importantly, call us to help make the move a breeze! For more information, visit our website.