Key Things To Consider When Relocating an Office

Are you looking for a change of scenery or a bigger space for your office? If your business has expanded or downsized, you need a workspace to accommodate you and your staff. Moving to a new location means dealing with several different moving parts. We’ve got a few key things for you to consider when relocating an office.


First, you need to figure out how much your relocation will cost. Depending on the new office space and everything you need to transport, you can rack up a pretty penny. You can run into problems like delays or oversights and then need to accommodate for those.

Make sure you give yourself some wiggle room for situations like this. Try and anticipate problems that may arise and cause a snag in your planning. Consider if you will encounter any timing limitations that may impact the cost of your relocation. A “just in case” fund comes in handy.

Create a budget and try your hardest to stick with it. Include costs for interior design and new stationery. If you have outdated or damaged equipment, account for those items in your budget as well.


Aside from your staff and employees, who else needs to know about your office relocation? You need to practice effective communication to have a successful move. Implement a strategy for telling clients, customers, and other essential personnel of your upcoming move.

Try to get the word out in more than one form of communication. Emails can get buried by other emails, so send out postal campaigns and flyers. Put a notification on your website so that when people view it, it’s the first thing they see.

If you have any social media accounts, post on those and send constant reminders so no one forgets or gets surprised when you move. Keep that continuous line of communication flowing.

Office Furniture

Your new building will have a different layout from your previous location. You may want to consider changing your new workspace’s furniture and atmosphere. Modular furniture is an excellent addition to your office because it provides privacy while creating a relaxed vibe.

Consider hiring an office cubicle installation service company for intricate and complicated pieces like cubicles. At Capitol North American, we assist with installing modular furniture and help with your move. Our workers have the experience and equipment to help make this transition easy for you.


IT equipment like desktops, servers, telephones, and internet connections need special care. Every device needs to be properly packaged to avoid damage to the equipment. Before moving, audit equipment and make sure it’s ready for use in your new office.

Electronics often host sensitive data that needs to remain secure. Make sure you back up all pertinent information before disassembling any equipment. Use additional hard drives if necessary and account for them in your budget.

Capitol North American can handle your electronics and other essential items with care for your new office. Trust us to help and keep the focus on what to consider when relocating to a new office. For more information, visit our website.