Advantages of Using Short-Term Storage Between Moves

Are you preparing for a big move soon? Relocating is stressful, whether it’s your first move or your third. You can relieve some of this stress between moves by taking advantage of a short-term storage facility. That way, you won’t have to worry about organizing and prepping all your belongings to fit in your new place.

Get Ahead of the Move

You can easily plan and strategize your move when you have a closing date for your house. Unfortunately, plans rarely work out this way. On top of this, you can’t always expect your move-out and move-in dates to coincide with your closing date.

Instead of scrambling at the last minute to pack your belongings, get ahead of the game by renting a storage facility unit. You can start to move some of your non-essential items into your unit to make moving out quicker.

Once you finalize everything, you can remove your items from the unit or keep them in there longer until you decide on the layout of your new home.


Most storage facilities, like Capitol North American, provide your unit with 24-hour video surveillance to ensure the security and protection of your possessions. If you’re worried about people paying close attention to your new transition, place your valuables into storage, and eliminate any worries.


If you plan to adopt a minimalist style for your new spot but can’t decide which items to get rid of, consider placing some things in your unit. Any possessions you’re on the fence about can go into storage while you determine what you can and can’t live without.

You might have transferred from a spacious home to an apartment. A household storage service keeps all your belongings safe and secure until you need them again. The storage unit works well if you don’t have enough room in your new place.

Short-Term Living

Suppose you sold your old home before closing on your new one. Or maybe you purchased a new home, but it needs remodeling before you move in. If you’re in-between homes and need a solution for all your possessions, a storage facility is a great option.

Sometimes, relocating to a new state for work means you don’t have too much time to find a home. Your job might need you to hit the ground running. You focus on your new job and put everything else on hold. Until you find a permanent living situation, hold your valuables in storage.

Professional moving companies like Capitol North American also provide storage facilities for anyone embarking on a long-distance move.

Take advantage of a short-term storage facility between moves to make the moving process run smoother for you. For more information and assistance with your transitions, visit our website.