What to Consider When Storing Antique Furniture

One of the first things you will need to consider before choosing a company is what items you are storing in the first place. This is a major factor in that certain items need to be stored in special conditions in order for them to be properly preserved. For instance, because antique furniture should be allotted an adequate amount of space, you will need to find a facility for storage in Las Vegas that can accommodate that.

Choose the Right Size Storage Unit

Typically, when preparing items for storage, the main things you would have to worry about would be wrapping glass, removing legs, etc. However, because most antique furniture can be quite fragile, you don’t want to sit other pieces of furniture on top. Therefore, depending on how much furniture you have, mini storage may not suffice.

Preparing Your Antique Furniture for Storing

While you will still need to properly wrap all mirrors and other breakable items, this is not where it stops when you are storing antique furniture. Leather, wood, and even metal furniture must be treated with the proper protective solutions before taking them to a storage facility. Furthermore, it is also a good idea to photograph and document the condition of your pieces upon entering the unit just in case you need to make an insurance claim later.