Do You Need Climate-Controlled Storage?

If you’re thinking of hiring a Las Vegas moving company or simply having some work done on the home, you might need to start looking for a storage unit. However, if your possessions are on the valuable or sensitive side, then you might need to think about looking for a climate-controlled storage unit. Here are a few reasons for and the benefits of opting in for a climate-controlled self-storage unit.

It’s an Investment

There are many areas of the United States that experience harsh weather. These can often be found within the deep South or the North. Thus, the reason why so many new temperature-controlled storage units have been popping up. Yes, a humidity-controlled storage unit might run you a little more than the standard version, but it can save you hundreds or even thousands in damaged property.

Climate-Controlled Storage Keeps Humidity Under 55%

There are things in life that we simply can’t get back, and one of those are original photos. For many, an album book is often the first thing to be stored within a unit. This is because it is such a valuable item that they want to avoid ruining it during a move or home improvement project. However, anything higher than 55% of humidity can quickly damage photos. High humidity can cause photos to become stuck to each other, thus ruining them the minute you go to open it.

Do You Really Need One?

The usefulness of a basic storage unit should not be undermined; they can actually be quite adequate if you’re simply storing basic items such as old picture frames, textbooks, or any other item that is durable and won’t deteriorate quickly. However, if you are thinking about storing valuable objects such as rare paintings, metal objects, or important documents, then temperature-controlled storage units might be your best bet.