Tips for Getting a Correct Moving Estimate

Moving quotes come from companies, estimating how much it will cost to move everything in your office. Those companies base their quotes on the information that you provide. When you supply the moving company with accurate data and use other tips, you can get the best and most correct estimates.

Be Honest

A common reason why some pay more for their moving expenses than a company quoted is because they are not honest with what they need moved. You need to be clear about what office furniture and supplies you have and what you expect the company to move for you. This includes larger machines, like copiers and printers, as well as any furniture you will need to use in the new office. Anything you leave out will cause your actual cost to vary significantly from the estimate.

Provide the Right Locations

When hiring office movers in Las Vegas, office managers do not always realize that the estimates vary based on the distance between the two locations. If you need to move to a new building in the same neighborhood, you’ll pay less than someone who needs to move all the way across the city. Some companies base their moving estimates on the location of the offices too. Offices located in busy parts of Vegas cost more to move because the movers will spend time stuck in traffic and navigating through crowds of tourists.

Get Complete Quotes

When budgeting for an office move, make sure moving companies give you complete quotes that include everything you need. These quotes must include all the packaging and moving supplies used to wrap appliances and other items, the cost of insuring your move, and the labor needed on the day. This ensures that you get accurate quotes and don’t face any surprises on moving day. With correct and accurate office moving quotes, you can plan and budget for moving into a new building better.