Deciding What to Do With Your Stuff Before Moving

A move can be a stressful event because it involves moving heavy or fragile items. In some cases, you may discover clothes or other stuff that have spent years in the back of a closet or in a box in the attic. To ease your stress, it may be best to sell or donate items. You can also choose to put unneeded items in storage.

When Is It Best to Donate Something?

As a general rule, it is always better to donate things that have little sentimental or financial value to you but could have significant value to another person. For instance, a bunch of old children’s movies might help another parent keep a child entertained. In some cases, charities will accept cars or other items regardless of their condition, which may result in a tax write-off.

Which Items Are Best Suited to Be Sold?

Items that are in good condition but that you won’t use are prime candidates to be sold in a garage sale or online. For instance, power tools that you won’t need in your new place or auto parts that are merely taking up space in your garage might fetch hundreds of dollars from a buyer. The money raised from the sale of items that you don’t want or need could help to pay for a moving company or your needs when it comes to storage in Las Vegas.

What Should Be Put in Storage?

Ideally, items that you plan on using in the next few weeks or months such as Halloween or Christmas decorations should be put in storage. You can also benefit from storing furniture or other items that you will use if you move back to a larger home or apartment.