How to Get Your Kids Involved When Moving

When you’re planning on moving homes, there are many different steps to take to complete the process and make it smooth. For those who have children, it’s important to get them involved while moving to ensure that they learn from the experience and also lend a helping hand. If you’re ready to get your little ones involved, there are a few ways to include them in the process.

Create a Chart

Create a chart that has tasks that your kids can complete as you prepare to move to ensure that they understand their responsibilities and can contribute with helping. Use a chart that lists chores that include packing up their room, gathering up their toys in the yard, or helping with cleaning. Stickers can be used each time a chore is completed, which can motivate your children to get more done when helping before the move day.

Ask for Help Unpacking

Kids will be excited about moving to a new home and will likely look forward to getting settled in their new room. Ask for help with unpacking and provide them with the boxes that they’re capable of emptying as they get everything situated in the right place. You can also assign them specific boxes in the home that are light enough to unpack, whether they assist with unloading linens or putting away food in the pantry.

Ask for Help With Labeling

For kids who are practicing their writing and can be trusted with using markers, assign them to help with labeling the boxes to ensure that you know where each box needs to be placed in the new home. They can also help with color coding each room of the house and using stickers or duct tape to establish the color shade of each box, which will prove to be a fun activity and will keep them busy during the move as you work with moving companies in Las Vegas.