Downsize Your Office With Commercial Moving in Las Vegas

Over the course of the past year, more and more companies have come to the realization that remote work is not only possible but often preferred by their employees. This is a rare win-win situation where companies are able to save money on office space, and employees are happy to remain home with their families. However, this then creates another issue. That includes what a business owner should bring on the move and what they should leave behind. Thus, the following includes further information on this issue and how commercial moving in Las Vegas may be able to make the process that much easier.

Storage: Saving Money With a Company That Provides Commercial Moving in Las Vegas

If you’re looking to save a few bucks on shipping and with your preferred office movers in Las Vegas, then choosing to leave behind all your storage furniture is the way to go. Innovations in technology have allowed companies to save some of their most valuable documents in the cloud. The cloud is a software program that provides businesses the ability to access all their company documents from wherever they are in the world. This is perfect if you’re attempting to get more employees to work from remote areas of your state or even the country. And of course, it is much cheaper to ship one or two file cabinets with a company that specializes in commercial moving in Las Vegas than 10 or more of those same cabinets.

Landline Phones

One of the biggest reasons why companies still use landline phones is because they want customers to have that direct connection to the company. Although it is still recommended to keep a landline phone for your new office, it is not necessary to bring every single phone. If your employees are going to be working remotely, it makes much more sense to simply provide them with their own work cellphone. This accomplishes the need for customers to reach employees but still allows those employees to be able to work from remote locations. However, because a few phones will be taken to your new location, it is recommended to communicate with your chosen Las Vegas moving company about which phones stay and which need to be relocated. Failure to do so can quickly lead to a few confused customers.

Office Desks

If you’re looking to place some of your employees into a remote position, it’s likely that you won’t need to relocate all your office desks. Not only will relocating those desks cost you in shipping, but they are most likely going to take up a lot of room in your new space. In some cases, business owners looking to downsize their offices will get rid of office desks altogether. Instead, they will utilize large worktables. Many employers prefer these tables as they allow individuals to communicate much faster as well as keep their production levels up.

Larger Printers/Copiers

One of the biggest items within an office is the copier machine. These copier machines are purchased because an office requires a lot of printing jobs as well as a reliable device that can send documents quickly to clients. However, with a smaller staff, it’s likely that you won’t need that large item anymore. Although the number of employees you’re keeping at a physical location is going to factor into this decision, it is often recommended to simply leave it behind or sell it. Your remote employees will have their own printers at home, which can often be written off as a business expense once tax season rolls around.

Office Chairs

Relocating office chairs can be a real chore and quite time-consuming. So why would you want to deal with moving them to your smaller location or having to place them in storage? Since you’re going to downsize the staff at your new office, bringing the surplus number of chairs makes no sense. That is why it is important to carefully calculate who, exactly, is going to need chairs and simply leave the extra ones behind.

Break Room Furniture/Electronics

Let’s be honest. Break room furniture is not always in the best condition. In fact, many of those sofas and tables will be bolted to the ground. This can lead to extra installation costs that most small businesses simply don’t need to incur. That is why the next item on this list that you should simply leave behind is break room furniture as well as electronics. Items such as fridges or coolers that are older than five years may not be in the best condition. All this may help in lowering your moving costs and getting your staff back to work within your new location as soon as possible.