Tips from a North Las Vegas Moving Company for a Deceased Person’s Home

When loved one’s die, they leave with us a lifetime’s worth of possessions and memories. Most of the time, the duty to clean, pack and sort out their belongings falls into family members and friends. And depending on the stuff they owned, the size of the home, and how long they lived in the house, the packing and cleaning process can be hectic and tiresome. That’s why you need the assistance of a North Las Vegas moving company if you want to ease the process.

Furthermore, deciding what to keep, sell, toss, donate to charity, or give to family members can drain you both physically and emotionally. Here is how you can cope with the complex process of cleaning and packing up a house if the family members have given you the mandate of handling their possession after they pass on.

Secure the Home

Unfortunately, you will not clean the deceased home right after their death. Hence, you will need to secure their property as soon as possible to protect their belongings. And since you do not know who else has the keys to their home, you should change the locks after passing on. And if they rented the property, call their landlord to know the best way to secure their belongings.

Break Up the Project

Dividing complex items into manageable little pieces is one step of learning how to cope with a loved one’s death. For instance, you can focus on one type of item at a time or one room to contain the mess that can develop when one sifts through another’s possessions.

Ensure that you sort out the items first to set aside things that might be of high value. And get appraisals for high-value goods such as jewelry, fine art, contemporary design, jewelry, furniture, and silver.

Track Down Vital Documents

Before tossing and digging through the left item, ensure that you have the crucial documents required to take care of the deceased bills. The documents include utility bills, credit card statements, usernames and passwords for online accounts, receipts for jewelry, tax forms, mortgage payments, and social security cards. And once you find and secure the above documents, you can now turn your attention to cleaning and packing up your loved one’s home.

Set a Time Limit

Instead of using a vague timeline to pack up and clean the deceased home, come up with a specific date and contact the other family members. Selecting a particular date develops a good sense of urgency rather than saying that you have to complete the task within a week or month.

Get Help

If you are the will’s executor, cleaning out and sorting through the deceased belongings is not something you should do alone. It will work best for you if you request other family members to clean and organize the house. The best way to do so is to allocate duties based on people’s talents and strengths.

For instance, if you have a family member who is an attorney, you can request them to carry out the deceased paperwork. That includes disposing of the non-crucial papers and taking out the critical documents.

Know How You Will Divide Items

Usually, people create wills that determine how family members and friends will share their assets and belongings after their death. And if the deceased lives a will behind, then the splitting process will be easy and quick.
However, if the deceased failed to leave a will, the executor should decide what to do with their belongings. The best option to solve this issue is by inviting close family members and ask them to pick what they want. Unfortunately, this can lead to arguments, especially if the deceased had expensive items and more than one person wants them. In this case, it would be best if you have an appraisal to determine the value of the item and then split up the item’s cost.

Take Your Time

Packing up and cleaning a deceased house can take some time to finish the task effectively and efficiently. Hence, do not be in haste to complete the job within a day or two. Take breaks to clear your head and avoid making hasty and bad decisions. However, if you work on a deadline, come up with a schedule to avoid the last-minute rush.

Maintain Some Distance

Setting up personal boundaries between your life and the cleaning project can help you grieve. Avoid staying in the deceased house when you sort out the items if the deceased lived in their place. You can opt to return to your home every day, stay with a relative or a friend, or stay in a nearby hotel.

Get Professional Help from a North Las Vegas Moving Company

During any cleaning process, there are some possessions that the immediate family will not be interested in. At times, you will find some belongings that are not worth keeping and past their prime. If you want to haul this item quickly, you can hire a North Las Vegas moving company to do this job. You can also hire someone to evaluate the useful things that no one likes and sell or donate to charity.

Cleaning and picking out a loved one’s item is a labor of love and the right way of saying a final goodbye. However, it is vital to lean on family members during this process and take breaks to get through the process.