Tips for Planning an Office Move

Changing to different office premises is not as simple as moving to a different residence. Many factors need to be considered that pertain to clients as well as employees. Here are some tips that the best office movers Las Vegas have to offer use to make the move smooth and successful.

Appoint a Moving Manager

Once you decide to change your office’s location, you should choose an employee to oversee the whole operation. While you will still be in charge, your Moving Manager will follow up on each aspect of the move, check details and report to you. Any responsible employee can take charge of the moving process. You may choose your administrative assistant to do this or someone who has experience in moving an office.

How to Start Planning to Change Office Premises

Once you have a Moving Manager and have chosen your moving company, inform your employees that they are responsible for packing their own desks. You may need to give them a couple of hours off to do this and recommend they do a little every day to avoid a major packing frenzy at the last minute of changing office premises.

Before you move anything, measure your new office space to make sure everything will fit. You will probably need to change the position of working desks. Also, make sure all the kitchen items in your break room will fit in the new one.

Instruct everyone to put clear labels on any boxes. This will save a lot of confusion when they reach the new premises because the boxes can be taken immediately to the correct location rather than a sorting table.

Important Details

Your computers, copiers, printers, modems, UPSs and fax machines will need special attention to disconnect and reconnect. If you have an IT expert already in your employment, he or she can take care of this. Otherwise, it’s better to employ someone to do it so it will be done quickly and right the first time.