How Much Storage Capacity Is Needed When Moving?

Storage capacity can be an invaluable resource when moving to a new home. You can have the essentials transported directly to the new location and have everything else put in storage. With most of your possessions in storage, you can process them as time allows without battling all the clutter. Storage in Las Vegas ranges from areas the size of a walk-in closet to spaces that provide hundreds of cubic feet for vehicles and more.

Sizing Your Storage Capacity

It is often recommended that you size on a room-by-room basis. A 10-by-10 space, for instance, is often a good rule of thumb for a bedroom. But be mindful that such estimates include a bed, dresser and so forth. If move-out day and move-in day do not line up, then you may need all that space, but if most of your furniture is going straight to the new home, you probably only need half that amount.

Account for Lanes

Consider how you will organize your space. Avoid starting at the back and packing all the way to the front because that limits access to the last items unloaded without a hassle. You will want lane width to be at least several feet and wider if you will use hand trucks and the like. Consider cross-lanes as well, which may double or even triple the space for movement but make getting in and out a lot easier.

Consider Paring Down to Use Less Storage Capacity

If you are in the planning phase, you still have the opportunity to pare down. A garage sale, for instance, can rid yourself of nonessential items you can easily reacquire in the future. Doing so will not only reduce your transportation costs but the amount of storage space you need.

Space and Beyond

Determining the appropriate area is important but so are amenities. Ample interior lighting makes it easier even during the daytime. Around-the-clock access gives you flexibility, and climate control lets you store furniture and valuables without concern for damage due to humidity or temperature.