When to Start Calling Moving Companies

First and foremost, congratulations on securing your mortgage loan and finding your dream home. Heres how we can help! It can take several hours to complete a move from one home or apartment to the next. One option to complete a home relocation is to get friends and family members to provide assistance. However, it may be easier and more convenient to have a professional moving company help with the transition instead. At what point should you start talking to and getting estimates from professional service providers?

Start Making Calls at Least 10 Days in Advance

If you have several weeks or months notice that you are going to be moving, you should start making phone calls to moving companies immediately. In such a scenario, you want to start calling and making appointments with your preferred mover at least 10-14 days before you plan to leave. This gives you plenty of time to weigh your options and make an informed decision. It also ensures that a moving company is available at your preferred time. If you know you have this organized, it eases the stress from all of the other aspects of your move you have to deal with, especially if you’re moving a long distance from where you are now.

What If You Don’t Have Much Notice?

There are times in which you may have to move suddenly because of a new job or for other unexpected circumstances. In such a scenario, it may be possible to get a moving company to help on short notice. However, the moving company may charge more, and you may not get your preferred start time. Furthermore, hiring professional movers may be more difficult if you decide to move during the busy season that lasts roughly from May until September.

Reach Out Whenever It Is Convenient

Regardless of how long you have until your moving date, don’t hesitate to contact a Las Vegas moving company. Typically, a representative will come to your home or apartment to provide an estimate and determine when assistance can arrive on the date of the move.