Tips for Planning an International Move

Nowadays, more and more Americans find that they have to move overseas because of their jobs, the military, or simply to avoid taxes by expatriating to another country. It is important to obtain accurate estimates so that you do not face any surprises on import fees or transport costs. If you have to ship property later through a courier, you will end up paying more for your property in import duties and shipping fees than you paid for it.

Critical Considerations for Long-Term International Relocations

As a general rule of thumb, you can’t ship anything for under $200 with the expedited international shipping companies. Most countries strategically set their customs fees to apply when the combined shipping and the value of the package is over $200 to charge ridiculous import taxes on all expedited shipping (as a means of micromanaging the economy and luxury taxing the rich). In many third world countries, the Global Priority mail can be backed up for months in customs.

If you are moving overseas, be sure to take as much supply of medications and supplements you may have to import from the USA with you on the airplane or boat. If you try to import them by mail, you may face a lot of red tape and be required to obtain prescriptions overseas for things that do not require a prescription in the United States.

What to Leave Behind in Warehouse Storage

When it comes it comes to safeguarding your possessions, and you need a full-time solution for storage in Las Vegas, consider how long you are going to be away and the value of certain objects. If items are easily replaceable or have little sentimental value to you, it may be cheaper or more practical to sell them or give them away to charity rather than storing them endlessly. As a general practice, you should calculate the costs of storage for the set duration you expect to be gone and weigh that heavily against what you really want to keep.