Three Things to Plan for With a Long-Distance Move

A long-distance move is often handled by a large truck that is designed to transport all of your belongings in a single load. The size of the truck and the way that the truck is used could present some unexpected issues. Now is the time to make plans for long distance moving in Las Vegas so that your move can go as smoothly as possible.

Restrictions on Elevator Use

Find out in advance if your new apartment building has restrictions on elevator use. There are some apartments that have an Apartment Guide that might be able to tell you everything you need to know about your new apartment. Some apartment buildings have strict move-in hours so that the residents are not disturbed overnight or early in the morning. Try to arrange for a delivery window that accommodates move-in hours. You may need to reserve the elevator for your use. If possible, reserve the freight elevator for a block of at least two hours.

Multiple Families Using the Same Moving Truck

It is possible that your belongings could be loaded onto the same moving truck as another family’s belongings. Some moving trucks also transport other deliverable goods. Be sure that all of your boxes are clearly marked with your full name. Also, ensure that all of your furniture, including your mattresses and box springs, are also wrapped or put inside of boxes and labeled with your first and last names.

Parking Availability and Street Width

Consider the parking availability at your new home or apartment. If parking is limited or the streets are consistently full with residents’ cars, the moving truck may not be able to get your items to your doorstep. If your new street is not wide enough to accommodate a large moving truck, you could incur a shuttle fee. The shuttle fee would pay for a smaller moving van to make multiple trips to your new apartment or house from a location where the larger moving truck has to remain parked.