What to Pack in Your First Night Essentials Box

Moving is one of the most stressful times in your life, even when you have the help of moving companies in Las Vegas. After all, you’re packing up everything you own, making a big change, and beginning a new life. And in all that chaos the one thing you might forget about are the things you will need that first night and morning in your new place! That’s why you should always pack a first night essential box so that you will have everything you need right on hand! Below, you will find some tips about what to pack in your first night essential box.

Personal Care Items

In your first night essential box, you’ll want to put whatever hygiene and personal care items you might need. The last thing you’ll want to be doing after a hard day of moving is spending time searching through boxes because you can’t find your toothbrush! Your essential box should contain items such as soap, deodorant, shampoo, and toothpaste. Also think about the things you will need to take a nice shower, including towels and a shower curtain. And perhaps most important of all, make sure to pack some toilet paper.

Household Supplies

In your essential box, also pack in some cleaning items, such as glass cleaner and disinfectant so that you’ll be able to clean up a little after the move. Also think about including anything you might need that first night to make things easier, such as a flashlight, scissors, garbage bags, and even an all-purpose knife.


It’s also important to make sure that you have plenty of snacks and meals on hand for that first day and night in your new place. You might not have time to stop and eat a full meal, so be sure to include granola bars, crackers, or chips for a quick snack. And for the next morning and breakfast, don’t forget to pack a small toaster or coffee machine. Plates, cups, and cutlery are also good items to include!