4 Questions to Ask a Commercial Storage Provider

If your company is looking for commercial storage in Las Vegas, you’ll want to make sure you find a company that meets your needs. The first thing to do is assess your storage needs. This will help you decide your top storage priorities. For example, if you are storing documents with sensitive information or items of high value, your top concern may be security. On the other hand, if you want to store retail overstock, your main concern might be climate control.

Every business is unique and will have specific needs when it comes to storage. The questions below are not an exhaustive list, however, they make a good place to start. Use them as a starting point to create your own list of questions for a potential storage provider.

Question 1: Does the Storage Company Have Experience in Your Industry?

While not a deal breaker, it is helpful to know whether a storage company has experience in your industry. A storage company with other commercial customers will understand the importance of climate control, good security, and other business concerns.

Question 2: Does the Company Allow 24/7 Access?

Like any business service, your storage plan should support your business and improve your efficiency. A good storage provider should allow you to access your stored items whenever you need them. Learn about any potential restrictions to your access before you commit to a storage company.

Question 3: What Security Measures Are in Place?

While you want convenient access to your own commercial storage unit, it’s crucial that no unauthorized person could ever gain access to your business property. Make sure your prospective business storage company provides a level of security that meets your standards. A quality storage provider will offer security features, like surveillance cameras, computer-controlled access, 24-7 mobile monitoring, and security lights.

Question 4: Are Storage Support Services Available?

Businesses often require additional services and support to meet their storage needs. For example, large item storage requires specialty support, like a loading dock, forklift, forklift driver, pallets, and pallet jacks. While document storage support needs are different, such as document tracking, retrieval and delivery service, tracking, and copy-fax-telephone services.

If you determine your storage needs, plan ahead, and ask the right questions, you’ll find the right business storage unit for your situation.