Moving Your Appliances in Las Vegas to a Commercial Storage

Whether you are hiring movers or will be enlisting the help of some friends, moving appliances is not the same as moving furniture and require a lot more care. Moving heavy-duty appliances, such as your stove or refrigerator, will require some proper prep work like detaching any loose parts and giving everything a thorough cleaning. Cleaning your appliances is absolutely necessary if you will be moving them from your restaurant to a facility for commercial storage in Las Vegas.

Moving Your Stove to a New Location

One of the main things you must keep in mind before attempting to move your cooker is that you will probably need help. Not only is a stove rather heavy but it is big and bulky which can make maneuvering it quite tricky. Transporting a stove requires the use of a truck that is not only wide enough for entry but is also equipped with straps that can keep your stove secure. While making your way over to the truck, give the stove a slight tilt, so the weight rests on the wheel, making it easier to move.

Protecting Your Refrigerator and Other Appliances While in Commercial Storage

Once you have gotten your things inside of the storage facility, it is important that you are keeping them properly preserved. When storing appliances, such as a refrigerator, it is extremely important that it is not only cleaned thoroughly but that it is free of moisture as well. Food and moisture can lead to mold, mildew, et cetera which can cause you a lot of problems later on.