Tips for Moving After a House Fire

A house fire can happen to anyone. Even a fire that is confined to a small space such as an oven or a single room can result in considerable damage to the rest of the house. If you need to temporarily relocate while repairs are made to your home, it is a good idea to work with one of the professional moving companies in Las Vegas and use these tips for a less stressful move.

Start the Claims Process

Most homeowner’s insurance companies offer housing assistance in the aftermath of an accidental fire. Your insurance package may also include coverage for the cost of hiring movers. Your policy might pay for the movers to transport your belongings to and from a short-term rental home or apartment while your house is under repair. You will need to start the process as soon as possible in order to get this coverage.

Take Photos and Make an Inventory

Before the movers arrive, take photos of every part of your home. This will also be important for the claims process and any assistance you receive. Make an inventory of what was damaged. You will need this for the claim. Also keep a list of what you throw out after the claim is approved and what you bring with you to your temporary home.

Pack Carefully

Some items damaged in a fire may be more fragile than usual. If an item has smoke or water damage, consider sending it for restoration before you move it to your temporary living space. You may wish to hire movers who have experience with helping people relocate, sort and pack their items after a house fire.