What Time of Year Is Best for Moving and Relocating?

Planning a move can be stressful, but timing it right can make things go smoothly. You may be asking yourself, “What time of year is best for relocating?” Ultimately, the best time to move is whatever works for you. However, certain times of the year work better than others for full-service movers. We’ll go over the advantages and disadvantages of relocating during each season of the year.


Spring is a great season for most people to relocate. The weather is usually temperate, and road conditions are typically ideal for moving trucks. During spring, the housing market becomes more active, and homeowners can often achieve higher sale prices for their homes. One thing to keep in mind is that moving companies will enter their peak season as the summer months approach.


Moving companies experience the highest demand from April through September, making it the peak moving season. Summer is the most convenient time for many people to move because school is out. However, with increased demand, moving companies tend to be busier and charge higher rates for their services. Also, depending on where you live, high summer temperatures may not be ideal for relocating.


Fall is another good season for moving if you are trying to relocate at a time with less demand. The weather is less extreme than summer or winter, but rain or snow may pose issues. Fewer people are looking to sell their homes during this time, and there is limited availability near college campuses.


The winter months are the least popular for relocating, but they are not the best time of year for many people. Shorter days and colder temperatures don’t make for good moving conditions. Snow also tends to complicate the moving process and negatively affect road conditions. This is also near the end-of-the-year holidays, which are already quite hectic.

Occasionally, the time you relocate isn’t up to you, especially if you are a renter. If you get to decide when you move, you should choose the most convenient time for you while avoiding peak season. Also, consider your budget and if the weather in your location will affect the moving process. Luckily, our team of professional movers at Capitol North American is here to assist you year-round!