Handling an Emergency on Your Moving Day

No matter how much you plan for a move to a new home or apartment, there is a chance that something unexpected could happen. One of these unexpected occurrences could be your moving van breaking down or getting a flat tire. While this type of a situation may seem stressful in the moment, there are ways to resolve it to your satisfaction.

Review Your Contract

Most moving companies in Las Vegas will include language in their contracts that explain what happens if a truck breaks down. It is important to review that contract before making any sort of claim against the company that you used to help with the move. However, you can generally expect that your things will either be moved into a new truck or that a roadside issue will be handled in a timely manner. Often, you won’t be charged for time a truck spends on the side of the road.

A Moving Company May Track Valuable Items

If you are concerned about rare or valuable items on a truck, it may be a good idea to inquire about tracking services prior to signing a contract. This ensures that you always know where your most valuable possessions are. It may also be a good idea to buy an insurance policy to protect yourself from anything that could happen on moving day.

Feel Free to Stay Close to the Truck

If you want, you can stay close to the truck until any issue with it is resolved. This may help you feel better that clothes or other belongings won’t be stolen or damaged while on a rural road or while being put into another truck. If you can’t be there yourself, it may be possible to appoint someone to watch your things for you.