commercial storage Las Vegas

Factors That Determine Commercial Storage Cost in Las Vegas

Whether you are moving to a new location, or simply running out of storage space at your current location, you may find the need for temporary storage of business items. The commercial storage cost in Las Vegas can vary based on a few factors.

Required Space Can Be the Largest Factor of Commercial Storage Cost

One of the biggest factors that will determine Las Vegas commercial storage costs is how much storage space you will need. If you simply need to store a few boxes of files, a small 5 ft x5 ft unit might be sufficient. If you are looking to store unused office furniture, you may require something like a large 10 ft x 30 ft unit. The amount you pay for the unit will be relative to the size of the unit you are renting.

What You Are Storing Can Necessitate Climate Control

Depending on what you are storing, you may decide that a climate-controlled space will be necessary for commercial storage in Las Vegas. For example, valuable documents can become damaged when exposed to extreme temperatures that Las Vegas can experience. If you are storing unused electronic equipment, the sensitive internal components may be more prone to failure if not properly warehoused. While a climate-controlled unit may be more expensive to rent, the advantages of protecting your valuable items from the elements could prove beneficial.

Determine What Type of Service Do You Need

In general, there are two types of storage services. The first type is full-service. With full service, the storage company will take care of everything, up to and including preparing items for storage. Full service will also include hauling the items to storage and delivering the items when storage is no longer required. Full-service storage generally occurs in large warehouses, which will be climate controlled and more secured from theft or damage. Full-service will be the more expensive type of service.

The second type of storage is self-service. With self-service, you will handle all preparing and hauling of the items to storage. Self-service storage is typically housed in units similar to garages. These are often not climate controlled, and are usually less secure than full-service. While less expensive than full-service, you may find the ease and peace of mind of full-storage to be worth the extra cost.