Common Mistakes to Avoid When Moving Offices

Moving to a new office can often be a tedious task, depending on the number of items that need to be packed and transported. Moving offices can be a unique experience compared to moving homes, making it necessary to be prepared. If you want to enjoy a smooth move, there are a few common mistakes to avoid making with commercial moving in Las Vegas.

Failing to Liquidate Your Old Office Furniture

You’ll need to inspect the old office furniture that is in your current building to determine if any of it needs to be sold before moving into the new office. Transporting old office furniture can be a waste of time and will also lead to extra work that may not be needed if you plan on buying new office furniture. Plan your office liquidation several months in advance to ensure that you can find the right buyers and have less to move. Plan on buying the new furniture once you’re in the new building to avoid having to transport it.

Waiting Too Late to Pack

Although most offices have busy schedules, waiting too late to pack can lead to stress and late nights. You’ll need to begin packing several weeks before the move date to ensure that everything stays organized and doesn’t get lost in transit. Consider setting aside a specific day of the week for packing and recruit your staff to help with the process.

Failing to Inform Your Customers You’re Moving

Many businesses make the mistake of failing to inform their customers that they’re moving to a new office, which can lead to headaches and complications. Make it a point to send out a few emails in advance to ensure that everyone knows how to contact the office once you relocate. You can also send out a postcard or call your main clients to ensure that they get the memo and know how to reach you.