Social Distancing and Moving: What to Know

Over the past few months, many countries around the world have needed to begin asking their citizens to self-quarantine. This is no different in the United States; however, people are still allowed to do certain essential tasks such as moving. Understandably, people still want to maintain as much social distancing as possible during this time. So, what can you do about it? Here are a few things that you should know when moving.

Do Moving Companies Practice Social Distancing?

Although some moving services have chosen to shut down completely, there are still plenty who continue to operate. Moving can be a daunting task, and you might be thinking of hiring one of these companies. The question is, are they practicing social distancing? The short answer is kind of. Although they might attempt to keep apart as much as possible, in reality, there are going to be moments when they need to interact closely, such as placing items in the truck or carrying heavy furniture.

Communication Is Key

The most important thing about moving at this time is to make sure that everyone is kept safe. This can only be possible if the line of communication is opened and honest. Therefore, if you or any of your relatives are experiencing any symptoms (no matter how mild), you should do the right thing and disclose it to the moving company. On the other hand, you must also speak with the Las Vegas moving company to make sure that no one on their staff has been experiencing COVID-19 symptoms.

Storage Facilities

Rather than having to haul in a ton of items into a new location with a large number of workers, people are choosing to utilize storage services. You might find that many companies are now attempting to slow down this pandemic by having limited hours and taking large amounts of the day to sanitize their property.