Tips for Running a Business From a Storage Unit

Office spaces are great, but they’re expensive. If you own or manage a startup, you need to get creative with your expenses. Saving money will ensure a promising future for your company. You can also take the unconventional route and think outside the box while conducting business within a box. Check out these tips for running a business from a storage unit!

Don’t Forget the Sparks

You can’t run a business without the sparks, and we’re not talking about the chemistry between customer and supplier. A business can’t function without electricity and the Internet. You need both agents to connect with the world.

Find a reliable power source to run computers, printers, and other office equipment. Many storage units come with electricity included in the price, but it’s still important to check if your unit has access to electricity. Keep in mind that these units don’t have Wi-Fi, so you need to set up a hot spot or use a data plan through your smartphone.

Make the Space Comfortable

Just because a storage unit is smaller than a standard office doesn’t mean it needs to be uncomfortable. Invest in a climate control storage unit so the conditions are always comfortable. There’s no need to conduct business inside a sauna or a freezer!

Your equipment will function best in a climate-controlled space. A consistent temperature and humidity level can protect your equipment and merchandise from any damage.

Think Outside the Box

When running a business, it’s vital to have a solid marketing plan. You need to promote your business in a way that attracts people regardless of the location. Some might not feel comfortable visiting a storage unit, so now’s the time to think outside of the box.

Play up your storage unit office to your advantage. Get creative about your location, and strengthen your social media presence. Set up a website and a blog to reach potential customers. Let people know where and how they can contact and connect with you. Pass out business cards in the shape of a storage unit so people see the creativity behind the planning.

Learn the Rules

All storage unit facilities have their own policies, so understand the rules for the space you plan to utilize. Unknowingly violating one of these rules could result in a contract termination; then, you’ll have to relocate offices. Most storage units provide more than household storage, so learn the rules to avoid miscommunication.

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