How to Make Moving Easy as a Senior

There are many reasons why someone over the age of 65 may need to move. In some cases, it may be to downsize to a smaller home or apartment after retirement. In others, it may be necessary to move into a supervised community setting. Regardless of why you are moving, there are tactics that can be employed to do so safely.

Ask Friends or Family Members for Help

If you have adult children nearby, they may be able to help with packing, loading the truck or driving it to your new place. The same may be true if you have close friends or others in the neighborhood who can help you out. For those who live alone or who don’t have anyone close by, charitable groups may be willing to offer assistance to older people who are moving.

Professionals May Be Available to Help

Even if you believe that you can do the job yourself, it may be safer to have the help of a professional. Generally speaking, moving companies in Las Vegas and elsewhere have tools and equipment that can make it easier to move heavy objects. This may be ideal if your friends or adult children are older or otherwise can’t help you move without putting their own health and safety at risk.

Other Tips for a Safe Moving Experience

Donating heavy tables, chairs or other items that you don’t need can make your move safer and easier to complete. Furthermore, moving to a home or apartment where everything is on one floor can reduce the possibility of slipping, tripping and falling while unpacking. Finally, completing your move during the day can make it easier to see, which can reduce your risk of injury during the transition.