Three Things That Shouldn’t Be Placed in a Storage Unit

If you think that you can put anything into a storage unit, think again. There are some things that should never be put in a storage unit, even for a short amount of time. We have listed three of these things below.



You should never, ever put food into a storage unit. Even if you think it won’t go bad, there are a lot of things that can happen that can make it go bad. Canned goods can warp and develop punctures, which can lead to food poisoning. Food can spill and create an environment for bugs and rodents. Food can also cause bad smells in the storage unit.


Valuable or Irreplaceable Items

Whether you store your things with one of the moving companies in Las Vegas or a storage facility, you should never store valuable or irreplaceable items in your storage unit. While these companies usually have good security, incidents still happen. The last thing you want is for a thief to get away with something of sentimental value or something that cost more than your life savings. These things can also get damaged, so that’s another reason you shouldn’t store them in storage units.



You should never leave your pet in a storage unit, even if it’s for a short amount of time. For one, it’s against the policies of the storage facilities. Another reason is that there usually isn’t any air circulating in a storage unit, so your pet could suffocate. If your unit isn’t temperature controlled, storage units can heat up quickly like cars, so you would be exposing your pet to a possible heat stroke. It’s fine to store pet supplies (except pet food), but not your pets.