Thinking Ahead: 5 Fall Moving Tips To Keep in Mind

When it comes to moving and relocating, it’s always a good idea to be prepared. Waiting until the last minute only makes the process stressful and overwhelming. Getting the ball rolling a couple of months in advance will make the transition smooth. Don’t procrastinate on this! Start thinking ahead and check out these five fall moving tips you can keep in mind.

Consider Work and School Schedules

The end of summer means the beginning of school. Relocating your family at the beginning of the school year can be tricky. Your kids need to focus on their schoolwork, and you want to have your home set up so they can do homework without clutter and distractions.

For some jobs, the fall season means starting a new quarter and having new expectations. Try to schedule your move early in the season before things get too hectic. Hire movers ahead of time and have your important boxes ready to unpack so that you can handle the smaller items throughout the week.

Keep Out Some Fall Clothes

It’s summer, so no one is wearing heavy fall and winter clothes. It’s probably your first instinct to pack all your fall clothes away because you’re not wearing them just yet. This makes sense, but you don’t want to go through your move in shorts and a tank top when fall approaches. You’ll freeze!

Keep some fall clothes to the side to wear on moving day. Make sure the clothes you leave out are comfortable and warm. Stretch or sweatpants are more suitable than jeans because they give you more mobility.

Clear Pathways

Autumn is a beautiful season, and the colors it produces are unmatched. However, when those leaves fall, they can make a big mess, especially after a rainstorm. You don’t want to track all the elements inside your new home.

Keep a broom nearby so you can sweep away all the leaves and dirt and create a clear pathway for yourself and the movers. In case some things do get tracked inside, place down plastic on the floors. The plastic will make the clean-up process easier.

Hire Professionals

Fall moving services are cheaper than summer ones. A lot of people know it’s more affordable to move during the fall, so get ahead of the game. Reach out to your local relocation services early so you can negotiate and take advantage of their deals.

You have a couple of months to find the right movers before you make a commitment. Look around and see whose prices fit you best. Here at Capitol North American, we’re prepared to discuss any concerns you may have.

Set Up Utilities

No one wants to move into a cold house. Set up those utilities early so you can have them on and move into a warm and toasty home. You don’t need to run the heat immediately. Turning the heat on a week before you move in should give you plenty of time to warm up the house.

Activated utilities also mean you won’t have to take cold showers before work or school. Once you move in, you can go about your days as you did in your previous home.

We are committed to helping you think ahead before you move in the fall. For more information visit our website.