piles of boxes in preparation for moving your office

Costly Mistakes Your Company Should Avoid When Moving Your Office

There are many reasons why you may decide that moving your office is best for your company. After experiencing tremendous growth, it may be time to expand. Or you could be cutting expenses by downsizing. Either way, you want to avoid errors that will make your transport inefficient and costly. Below are common mistakes that businesses make while moving and ways to avoid them.

Using Only Large Boxes for the Moving Company to Pick Up

Many times, you may think that bigger means better, but that is not always true. When relocating your office, it may seem convenient to toss your office supplies into a large container. Because of the ample space, you may pile in a mixture of items that should get separated from each other. Or you could fill large boxes halfway, which prevents the moving company from transferring them without crushing them. Instead of losing progress this way, use a mixture of sizes, and put heavier items in smaller packages, so they are easier to carry. Also, separate objects based on where they belong so that unpacking is more convenient.

Moving Everything to the Next Office Instead of Using Storage

Over time, you may find yourself with broken or old equipment or furniture that you no longer need. These items could be lodged in a storage room or wasting space around your office. You do not want to move this with you so that there is clutter and inefficiency in your new location. Rather than bringing these items with you to a new office, find ways to donate, discard, or put them in commercial storage before the movers show up. Let your staff glance over old shelves and equipment to see if there is something they could use at home. Then contact a nonprofit to see if the items would be helpful to their operations.

Forgetting to Announce That You’re Moving Your Office Beforehand

Relocating an office can be an overwhelming undertaking. In the stress of getting it all done, you may forget to tell your clients and vendors about your new office. Doing this can cause you to miss out on needed sales and product deliveries. However, you can prevent confusion by updating your website, letterhead, and business cards beforehand. Along with that, announce your move on your social media accounts to ensure all customers get reached.