Ways to Make Your Commercial Move Easier

Moving to a new location is one of the most difficult things your small business will ever have to do. It’s often necessary, however, when your business is a growing concern. Whether your current facility is too tiny for your growing company, or you’ve located a new site that offers a better value in terms of rent, there will be times when relocation is in your future. Here are some recommendations for making commercial moving in Las Vegas as easy as possible.

Downsize Before You Move

If your computers, printers and other electronic equipment are more than a year old, it may actually be less expensive to give them away and purchase replacements than it is to pack, transport and unpack these items. Don’t forget, either, that you will have also have to reprogram your electronics to the internet settings in your new location. Why not donate these items to a charitable organization that will be grateful for the gift before you relocate? You may even be able to write those contributions off the next time you file taxes.

Keep the Plug With the Machine

This one would seem to be a no-brainer except that an awful lot of people think the most efficient way to pack is to separate plugs and cables from the machines they power and pack them in their own discrete box. That approach is a sure-fire formula for losing cables and plugs. Power equipment should be packed with the equipment it’s powering, and lines should be labeled so that you know exactly what port each line plugs into. Otherwise, chances are that you will be spending a significant amount of time hunting for replacement plugs.

Tell Your Clients You’re Moving

Your upcoming move will almost certainly take more time than you think it will. Why not acknowledge this in advance? If you’re right, you will spare yourself a round of frantic calls to clients, vendors and services to inform them that you’ll be out of commission longer than you’d initially thought you’d be. If you’re wrong, they’ll be delighted.