If you’re moving your office, renting a truck may help you speed up the process. Before you rent a truck, here’s what you should know.

Why Use a Moving Van

If you’re relocating your office, it can be incredibly helpful to rent a moving van. You should also check out these van storage ideas to make the most out of the space in that van. Instead of making a bunch of trips or trying to cram large office equipment into regular automobiles, use a rental van to make office moving in Las Vegas quick and easy. With plenty of space, your office equipment is less likely to be damaged. Further, computers, printers, and copiers will be protected from the elements in a moving van, but they won’t necessarily be in a truck bed. We also recommend having business security camera systems set up outside both the old and new office if possible, this is to deter thieves from pinching any office supplies from the van or buildings!

Selecting a Moving Van

If you decide to get a moving van to help you move your office, you’ll need to select a moving van that’s the right size. If you’ve already got a van through an intelligent van leasing, you may want to use that for your moving process. It can be tempting to opt for the smallest moving van possible since those are usually the least expensive to rent. However, if you select a van that can’t hold all of your office furniture, equipment, and electronics, you could end up making a number of trips. Even if you’re relocating to a nearby destination, between gas, tolls, and mileage, you could end up losing money by selecting the supposedly cheaper van.

Moving Van Insurance

Just like when you rent a car, you’re likely to be protected by your automobile insurance when you’re driving a moving van. However, automobile insurance will almost never cover anything that gets damaged inside the moving van if you’re involved in an accident. Therefore, it’s a good idea to consider supplemental insurance that covers the cargo you’re transporting. Personal accident and cargo protection insurance will cover your office equipment, so even if your expensive electronics are damaged or destroyed, you’ll be able to replace them.

Driving the Van

Moving vans are operated in a manner that is similar to other automobiles, but they can be intimidating because of their size and weight. Before you hit the road, it’s a good idea to spend a few minutes getting used to handling the truck. You may want to find a parking lot to drive around in so you can get used to turning, braking and backing up. It’s also important to not take a moving van on a road it can’t handle, such as narrow or winding roads or back streets.