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Strategies for a Successful and Organized Business Move

Perhaps the only thing more stressful than moving from one house into another is planning and executing a competent business move for your office. Here are just a few things to keep in mind as you begin to strategize for the big transition ahead brought to you by the experts in commercial moving in Las Vegas.

Make a Moving Budget and Hire Your Commercial Movers

Most likely, your company will require tight purse strings when it comes to executing the move to the new location. Be sure to establish up front and in detail the amount of money that will be spent on the move. Include everything from hiring the movers and buying moving supplies to any lost work time due to the transition.

Once you have established your moving budget, do some serious research before hiring the commercial movers who will handle the job. Get multiple estimates, compare prices from different moving companies, look at their track records specifically for moving offices and, of course, get recommendations for other sources before your pull the trigger on your moving team.

Office Organization Is Key to a Successful Business Move

A strong office organization game can help streamline the move and keep your company from losing valuable work time in the process. Begin by assigning tasks within your company for who will handle which part of the organizational plan, and then check in with those people often to make sure they are each working toward that end goal of moving day. If individual employees will be packing their own things, make sure everyone clearly labels their boxes and belongings. If your office is big enough, a color-coding system designating boxes to certain locations within the new office area may help facilitate the movers’ job for both loading and delivery.

This is also a great time to do some serious cleaning. Discard any old equipment and other items that are no longer needed or that have been piling up in storage rooms at the old office. The fewer boxes you must transfer the better, so focus on what will be needed in the new location and ditch the clutter to help simplify the business move for yourself and your moving company.

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