How to Move Homes While Suffering From Back Issues

How to Move Homes While Suffering From Back Issues

Many people suffer from back issues each day, which can affect their level of comfort and mobility. If you have to relocate and move homes, it can be a physical challenge to pack up all of your items and transport them while doing plenty of heavy lifting. Here’s how you can plan ahead and move successfully in the midst of suffering from back issues.

Ask for Help

From heavy lifting to bending over frequently, it can be easy to make your back issues more severe if you try to do too much while moving to a new location. Make it a point to ask for help from family members and friends who are willing to lend a helping hand. There are other tasks that you can perform, which includes disassembling furniture or wrapping fragile items in bubble wrap. You can also use the services of moving companies in Las Vegas to hire professionals who will do all of the heavy lifting and can make the process less physical for you and your family members.

Use the Right Equipment

You can still continue to do a bit of lifting while protecting your back as you move if you use the right equipment. Opt for purchasing a dolly that can be used to stack boxes and transport the items to the moving truck without having to lift anything. Carts and other moving tools will also prove to be useful. You can also pack smaller boxes that are lighter and are easier to lift. Avoid lifting anything that is more than 25 pounds and take a wide stance if you have to carry something.

Wear a Back Belt

Consider wearing a back belt on the moving day for added support that will stabilize your core and back muscles to avoid placing excess strain on your body. You’ll still need to use caution and limit your mobility because the belt may give you a false sense of security and can make it easy to re-injure yourself.