Quantities of medication, expensive equipment and medical devices are common targets of thieves. Discover how you can use technology in order to protect the items that you have placed into a storage facility. Equipment like the akta purifier is extremely valuable so you will, of course, want to protect such an asset.

Three Ways to Use Technology to Protect Your Medical Supplies

Medications, medical equipment and supplies are some of the favorite targets of thieves. When you are using a convenient facility for medical storage in Las Vegas, you can use technology to help protect your valuable items. Consider these three ways to put high-tech solutions to work for your stored medical devices and equipment, such as your Covidien products.


Radio frequency identification, or RFID tags, is an affordable solution that you can use to protect your items while they are in a storage facility. These tags can be hidden into the items stored in your unit. They are the same devices that trigger alarms at department and big-box stores. When you are ready to use the item, a hand-held tool removes the tag so that you can reuse it on something else.

Video Monitoring

While most storage facilities offer exterior video monitoring to keep watch on who enters the premises and who enters each hallway and unit, you may be able to have additional video monitoring devices set up with in the unit. These devices can be triggered by motion and hooked up to a Wi-Fi system. You can set up your video equipment to send a text alert or even call you if the motion detector is tripped and nobody is authorized to be in your storage unit.

Inventory Tracking Systems

While inventory tracking systems cannot prevent an unauthorized person from taking the medical supplies from your storage unit, they can help you to keep your stock up to date. This makes it easier to know exactly how much of each item is located in your storage unit versus how many are in your clinic or elsewhere. An inventory tracking system can use traditional bar codes and a hand-held scanner. Many smartphone apps are available and will also function as scanners. QR codes can be used, and apps exist for reading these stickers, too.