How to Protect Paintings in a Move

If you have valuable paintings, you will ensure that you give them a special treatment when moving. One of the important things you can do when relocating to another place is storing and packaging the art correctly.

Things You Need to Pack Artwork Correctly

Even when you safely pack any item, your products can easily and quickly damage when transporting them to another location. The commotion and hustle of the day, piling of boxes, and bumpy ride in the car can all cause havoc to your most fragile commodities. Therefore, if you want to prepare yourself to move artwork, equip yourself with an acid-free paper, tape, cardboard boxes, foam, bubble wrap, and white gloves.

How to Pack Your Valuable Paintings

When packing and unpacking artworks, always remember to wear white gloves, primarily if you deal with unframed and original pieces. This is to protect you from ruining the painting using the oil in your skin. Unframed and original artwork should be covered in the acid-free paper and then covered with plastic to shield it from humidity. Then place the art on a foam board and tape its exterior endings to protect it from bending or rolling when on transit. Enclose the painting with two cardboard and pack it in a box vertically with other pictures alone.

Storing Paintings

If you need to store a painting temporarily, be cautious about how you keep the artwork. The most vital factor to watch is the climate. Any change in weather or humidity can cause havoc to your paintings. Climate change can force the canvas to stretch and slacken or tighten, causing the artwork to flake over time. On the other hand, high humidity can encourage mildew growth, which tends to be permanent in most cases.

Remember, packing and storing artwork is an essential and delicate job if you love art. Therefore, you might want to contact office movers in Las Vegas if you cannot take appropriate care.